About Us

A Message from our President:

On behalf of the SLO LEAF Board of Directors, we wish to thank you for your duty and commitment to our communities. We understand the sacrifices of life or sustained injury are part of the responsibility of being in harm’s way. The financial burden can result in substantial strain on families and to one’s performance affecting the whole community. SLO LEAF was founded to help relieve this burden and offer assistance in coping with the costs which more than often exceeds insurance coverages. SLO LEAF’s mission is to offer that assistance to officers (active or retired) and their families. By giving back to the families of our law enforcement agencies, SLO LEAF allows them to focus on recovery instead of financial burdens. Your assistance would also be greatly appreciated in helping sustain the financial reserves necessary to continue assisting your fellow brothers and sisters. By giving to SLO LEAF, we will insure a financial support network for local law enforcement personnel during a time of need due to catastrophic circumstances.’

Harry L Ovitt, President
San Luis Obispo Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation